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Hello my name is Ashley. I just had my baby boy not too long ago. I’m a first time mama so I’m trying to figure out this whole parenting thing. I’m also super passionate about cloth diapers. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

We Made It !

We made it to California ! It’s been the craziest, most wild, patience testing journey that I’ve been through. And although the financial part isn’t completely over yet, at least we are here and mostly unpacked and settled into our new place.

It’s kind of sad that we have moved so often that we have a method to moving. As the guys are unpacking the uhaul I’m unpacking boxes and putting things away as they come into the house so it doesn’t drag on for days. You know that feeling of your walls closing in on you ? That’s the feeling I get if I just let boxes sit around. So instead I try to organize as we go. We also keep a minimal amount of items so aren’t just hauling around junk. Everything has a purpose and a place in our house. I like to keep everything super organized so that if someone needs something they will know exactly where to look and it will be there every time. Call me crazy but this is just how I like to keep our home. I have a feeling the more kids we have the less likely it will be to keep things this clean and organized.

The journey from Washington to California was a hard one. Being that we had a 6 month old baby, my mom, myself, Moses, and his brother in law, you would think it would’ve been easy. But in reality it wasn’t. My mom and I don’t see eye to eye. Actually she doesn’t even know me. She was the type of person who flew out to “help” to make it seem like to her friends that she was doing “all this work” to help me. When in reality she was on her phone the whole time and didn’t truly help me the way I thought I was going to get help. Then she secretly had a “date” the day we came back to California so the day we needed her the most she bailed on me. I was truly disappointed. But am I really surprised ? No not really. This is very normal behavior for my mom.

Aside from all that drama I’m still super thankful for all the help we did receive. Moses brother in law was so helpful. Without him we couldn’t have made this trip possible. We had a lot of family members help behind the scenes financially and for that we’re grateful. The Facebook Donation Page helped us out a TON ! so thank you to everyone who helped us there. So there is still a lot to be positive and grateful for.

I guess at the end of the day I’m not disappointed in my mom bailing on us. I’m more disappointed that I don’t ever get to see the REAL side of my mom. She’s more interested in her social life than her kids most of the time. She says she loves her kids. But I don’t FEEL her love. She doesn’t genuinely just talk to me or have conversations with me. All a child wants is their mother’s love. That’s it. Maybe one day she will realize that all we want is her time. That’s it.