1 Week Until Our Big Move

7 more days until our big move. This exact time next week we will be on the road back to California. Which is stressful and so relieving at the same time. For the last three days I’ve woke up shaking and sweating due to anxiety about this whole thing. Yesterday I looked at our bank account and we have spent over $8000 (and counting) in expenses. Between two trips from Washington to California for the memorial service for Moses Dad to the lease break fee to rent for September to Rent and Deposit for October in our new place to maintaining our normal bills all in between. It’s been an INSANE roller coaster. But some positive news to all this is…. I keep a very clean house so over this weekend Moses and I got our whole house packed up. Which is also a double edged sword because now for this next week I have to sit here and look all these boxes and my nervousness just heightens. But I’m still so thankful that our house was super easy to pack. There wasn’t any trash to sort through and everything I keep has a purpose and place, so packing truly was so easy. My mom and Moses brother in law are flying up to help us move. Which we are so fortunate for because Moses and I will be driving separately. He will be driving the Uhaul and I will be driving with the baby so I will need help with Zethus and Moses will need someone to keep him company and to switch off driving once in a while. All in all things seem to be moving forward. My stomach is still in knots about the whole financial aspect of everything. I still have my donation page up on Facebook because without that page I truly don’t know how we could’ve made this move happen. I again would like to thank each person who has donated. I know we all go through things in life but to help someone when they are truly down takes kindness. So thank you for everyone’s generosity. We still have about $1000 more we need to raise to be “safe” but at this point, anything helps. So I will link the donation page below. Thank you !


2 thoughts on “1 Week Until Our Big Move”

  1. Best wishes on your move! ❤ My CharlieJoy has the onesies that matches the bib your little one is wearing. Idk how, but at one point we bought a stuffed dinosaur very early in our pregnancy, and suddenly everything was ab out dinosaurs! 🙂

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