Cloth Wipes

Okay let’s talk about cloth wipes. As you all know I cloth diaper my little kiddo. And I’m about 6 months in and LOVING it. I’ve almost found myself being a cloth diaper advocate. Cloth diapering is so much fun, easy, AND you save a ton of money. So far I have only invested maybe $150 into my stash and I’m 6 months in. Which in 6 months has totally paid for itself multiple times. By now I would be knee deep in dirty disposable diapers. My water bill has only gone up $5 a month and I line dry my diaper laundry so I’m not using the dryer as much as you think I am. But I decided I wanted to take this whole cloth wipe thing a step further.

Cloth wipes are not just for babies who are cloth diapering. However once I started cloth diapering I became so much more aware of the waste that comes out of my household alone. I got to thinking if my baby uses cloth wipes, why can’t I ? I’m home all day (stay at home mom) and the amount of toilet paper I used during my pregnancy was UNREAL due to always having to pee. So I decided to apply the cloth wipes to my own life. I mean I’m already doing diaper laundry each day, what’s a few more wipes in the laundry from mom ? My diaper pail is kept in the bathroom anyway so that when I spray a poopy diaper the pail is right there. So instead of using toilet paper each time I pee, I use a cloth wipe. Which in all honesty is so much more comfortable than toilet paper. Have you ever had toilet paper crumble on you or tear while your using it. Also you can wet the cloth wipe and now it doubles as a wet wipe to make you feel extra clean. As far as taking a number #2 I use toilet paper for the first initial wipe then I use a wet cloth wipe to finish the job. I know it sounds gross. But it’s really not. Like I said before if your already doing diaper laundry why not throw your wipes in there as well.

As far as saving money. We have only bought a 12 pack of toilet paper once in the last six months. That’s it. And that’s only because I haven’t convinced Moses to fully turn to cloth wipes yet. But just imagine ! In my dad’s house there was 8 of us! Imagine all the money he would’ve saved in toilet paper. I remember going to Sam’s Club and buying two giant packs of toilet paper for one month. That’s so expensive and SO. MUCH. WASTE. Even if you don’t fully commit to cloth wipes and only use them when you pee, your still saving so much money and so much waste from going down the toilets !

Just think about it 🤔 and try it before you judge.

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