Mom shaming

What’s the point of mom shaming ? Why are moms constantly at war with each other over differences in the way we choose to parent our children. Just because you choose one way to do things or I choose another way to do things doesn’t mean either of us are wrong.

Being a new parent is hard enough. So much information is constantly shoved down our throats by family, friends, doctors, midwives, THE INTERNET (lol, because most of us get all our info from binge watching YouTube videos. I’m definitely guilty of that one) you notice all of the advice we are given all conflicts with each other. Being pregnant is hard enough let alone sorting through all the information.

Then, all of a sudden before you know it, your baby is here. And all the information you spent all this time sorting through kind of goes out the window and your mama instincts kick in and you all of a sudden kind of just know what to do. It’s the weirdest feeling isn’t it ?

If you really take a step back you will notice that every mom has a common theme, we do the best we can to give our babies the best lives we can. That’s it. No matter what path we choose to go down we go down that path with love. All we want is for our babies to feel loved and to be healthy. So why make a mom feel guilty for the decisions she has chosen ? What do you personally gain from that ? I cloth diaper. But I don’t tear down moms who choose disposable diapers…. if that works for your family, so be it. My saying is, “do what works for your family.” What works for you and your child, might not work for mine.

Which brings me to this next thought. I took my baby to his WIC appointment and the lady goes, “oh wow he’s finally gaining weight, he’s in the 10th percentile for his age.” I said, “I’m sorry? Should I be shoving food down his throat to make him gain more ? Because if I did next thing you know you will tell me he’s obese??” I know that sounds snappy but there is no such thing as a cookie cutter baby. Every single baby is different. Every pregnancy is different. It bugged me so bad when they would weigh me at my OBGYN appointments and said I’m gaining too much for where I’m at in my pregnancy… like I’m sorry I’m not shoving food down, I don’t know why I’m gaining so much? Once I switched to a midwife I was much happier. But the point is, each journey will be different. Let’s be kind to one another. Let’s reroute our time and effort we put into judging other mamas and their decisions to giving our babies more love and cuddles. Because we all know time flies. No one has time for negativity.

Meanwhile here’s a picture of Zethus with his twin cousins. ♥️

6 thoughts on “Mom shaming”

  1. Love this, exactly what I go on about all the time. It’s none of anyone else’s business what or how you bring up your child. How about a little “you’re doing great” instead of “oh you’re doing that are you?” Or encouraging negative comments. Unnecessary to already vulnerable mothers! 💕

  2. WIC people that do the checkins suck!!!! With dalton i was told i wasnt feeding him often enough and that he was obese… i went in 2 weeks after Sunday was born and was told im overweight and was told i need to work out i told the lady as soon as the dr clears me to work out i will get more active but until then im eating healthy… but they irritate me in one office im 5’2 in the other one im 5’3 which changes my bmi but they always tell me im doing something wrong… with that said my office has a great lactation councilor…

  3. I had this same exact problem with my OBGYN too. I’m just not sure why professionals don’t understand that every person is different and we all gain/loose weight at different rates. I’m sorry you went through all that. It makes you feel like poop when people say stuff like that. I know they are just doing their jobs but sheeeesh.

  4. Yes 🙌🙌 let’s send love and positivity instead of judgement. It takes too much effort to pass judgement. Being a mom/dad is hard enough and then have to defend ourselves too. I’m going to do just that and give a compliment next time I see a mom. Shoot. She woke up. Got out of bed. Got dressed and her kids dressed and ran errands in public. She deserves a compliment 🥰

  5. Amen sisters! All 4 of my kiddos have been different, even my identical twins. (Try not comparing identical twins to each other for growth and development ugh)

    But we are strong. Our little are strong. With patience, the ability to simply listen, and compassion we make each other stronger still.

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