Cloth diaper update

So I just wanted to update everyone on how our cloth diapering journey is going. And to show everyone how truly EASY cloth diapering really is. I was so scared to cloth diaper. Thinking I would be so overwhelmed about poop. It’s actually easier than disposables. Has your baby ever had a huge blowout while in the car seat or the baby swing ? And she/he had a disposable on ? Well that doesn’t happen with cloth. I’ve YET to have a blowout. Also has your diaper trash ever stunk up the room ? That also doesn’t happen with cloth. There are so many benefits to cloth diapering. I have 11 cloth diapers. THATS IT. and they will Diaper my son all the way to potty training. I won’t have to buy diapers at all. No running to the store, no running out of wipes. Nothing like that. Here’s a video on our update

7 thoughts on “Cloth diaper update”

  1. Would love to know how you get your diaper pail not to stink! I wash every third day and I have to keep the pail in a separate closet because it stinks! Maybe it’s the summer heat..

  2. I spray every poopy diaper (even though he’s breastfeeding and i know comes out in the washer, i still spray) And i allow air flow. I use a trash can, line it with a diaper pail liner, and don’t use a top. I keep mine right in the bathroom and i don’t smell it at all. We also wash every morning. I have a small washer and if i was every third day i would be doing 3 separate loads. Id rather do one small load each morning as I’m doing chores fold it up and be done with it. Im the type of person if i see a mountain of laundry I’m actually less likely to put it away. Ive had zero stink issues or staining this way.

  3. That makes sense. We have a similar set up, but I wash less often. I suppose if I did mine every day, they probably wouldn’t stink 🙂 Thankfully BM’s aren’t an issue for us because we did a modified form of elimination communication… it’s great to not have to clean poopy cloth diapers!! Totally reccomend trying it. 🙂

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