How I Get My Baby to Sleep Through the Night

It’s been a long three months from exclusively breastfeeding to my baby throwing up EVERYTHING he just consumed, to pumping because I didn’t want to be covered in puke (not just a little spit up), to my supply dropping, to finding a formula that works for his reflux, to figuring out what I can add to my breast milk for him to keep it down ! I know that’s a lot happening at once. But it all contributes to him being able to sleep through the night. My baby would wake up so many times through out the night to throw up. And think about it. When we throw up when we’re sick it’s uncomfortable right ? So between finding a calming night time routine to changing his food, we have FINALLY found the holy grail !! My baby now sleeps from 9:30-10 PM – 3 AM for a short feed (he eats maybe two ounces in the middle of the night) then back to sleep until 7-8 AM. To me this is a WIN ! check out the video below for all the juicy details on what we do to get our baby to sleep 10+ hours a night

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