Nursery Tour

Hey everyone ! We just moved into our new place in Washington (however we’re moving home to California in May 2020, I will make another post on that) and I FINALLY got my baby’s room together. I’m so in love with it. It’s not instagram perfect, but it’s functional. I love the color scheme and the feeling of knowing me and the baby can go in their when he’s having a rough night in order to give daddy some rest. I had so much fun putting everything together. Before I got pregnant, Moses and I had the smallest one bedroom apartment in Kirkland, WA that ever existed. Now we’re in a nice spacious place and baby has everything he needs. And when I say that I don’t mean we spoil him and he has tons of stuff. We’re a minimalist type of family. I grew up in clutter and I’m so happy that I am NOT the same way. I hate clutter and things out of place. I’m not obsessive. But I am definitely clean. And I only keep things we actually use. If we don’t use it frequently or it sits in a closet, then I don’t keep it. If you want to check out what I did with baby Zethus’ room check out the video below !

Nursery Tour

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