Similac Spit Up Formula Review

So this has been a long journey these last few months in terms of breastfeeding and formula. When baby Zethus was born I breastfed. Except every single feed he would throw up ALL OVER ME. not a little. ALOT. so I started pumping and bottle feeding so I could monitor how much he was getting. The spitting up never stopped. So then for some reason my supple dropped and had to formula supplement during the day and give breastmilk at night. I do that because formula is only good for two hours and I noticed I was wasting a ton of formula. And breastmilk is good for 6 hours at room temp (we never waited that long but I could go past the two hour mark). Then the battle of the formulas began ! First we tried enfamil Enspire which is supposed to be just like breastmilk. Nope. He hated it. Then we switched to enfamil Gentlease which is supposed to be easy on the tummy for gassy babies. Nope. He was still spitting up. And when I say spitting up I mean if I fed him 4 ounces he would throw up 2 of those ounces. Even when burping and all that jazz. So then we tried similac in a gold container that was for gassy babies. That one made him MORE uncomfortable. Then we switched to similac total comfort in a purple can. This one made him less gassy but still throwing up. All of this was under the instructions of a pediatrician. She was helping me through all the brands and formula types. After all of this she wanted to say he had acid reflux. And wanted to prescribe him medicine. But before we went that route there was one more formula I wanted to try I saw at the store. It was Similac Spit Up Formula in a green can. AND WE FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL ! man. Ever since we have him this formula. He has been the happiest baby ever. He still spits up but instead of 2 ounces every feed it’s more like a teaspoon, something I could wipe up. Before finding this formula we went through endless changes of clothes and bibs. And he broke out in a bad rash because of how much he was throwing up. Not to mention how uncomfortable he was all the time. Now he can stay in the same set of clothes all day. Happy as can be. Smiling. Not gassy. Just all around a 180 degree change. We are SO happy we didn’t give up. Like I said he still gets mamas milk because I want him to have all the nutrients of breastmilk (nothing against formula fed babies this is just my choice) but combined with the Spit Up Formula he’s doing so much better. If there is any mamas out there going crazy because of the constant spit up, try this formula.

Here is a video of my review

Similac Spit Up Formula Review

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