Day in the life of cloth diapering

So my little and I started cloth diapering last week. It’s so much fun ! I thought it was going to be super hard and that poop and pee was going to be everywhere. But in reality it’s super easy. I used to be a caregiver for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients which entails changing poopy diapers (grown men/women poopy diapers) so I figured if I could do that, then cloth diapering wouldn’t be so hard. But it’s actually soooooo much easier than caregiving for the simple fact that it’s YOUR child. So it makes dealing with pee and poop so much easier. Yesterday I filmed all day to show you what cloth diapering is all about. So check out the video link below. I go over different types of cloth diapers, different types of inserts, how to spray poop off diapers, and how I make my cloth wipe solution. If you have any questions please feel free to ask !

A Day in the Life of Cloth Diapering