36 week pregnancy update ! &birth center tour !

Wow. I feel like I’ve been thrown into a time machine launched into the future. Just thinking back to the beginning of this pregnancy and said to myself “I’m only 4 weeks it’s going to feel like FOREVER until I have this baby.” And now look. I’m 36 weeks and 6 days. So just 3 weeks left until I give birth. (Give or take LOL). I will be giving birth at the birth center rather than the hospital. The magic number to be able to give birth at the birth center is 37 weeks ! WHICH IS TOMORROW HOORAY !!!!

Nesting is real ! When I first heard about nesting I said to myself, “ehh…. I might clean up a little bit but I won’t be those crazy people who clean everything.” And that’s exactly what I’ve become ! That crazy lady sanitizing every light switch and door knob. Everything is pretty much set up for our babes arrival with the exception of a few items like a baby carrier and the baby swing. We have a tiny 1 bedroom apartment in Kirkland, Washington. Our baby’s due date is April 6th and our lease ends May 18th, so we will be moving just 1 month after giving birth. I’m already praying for my vagina! We will be moving into a two bedroom outside of the city so we can gain some square footage for a lesser cost. And this will allow baby boy to have a nursery. Once we move and get set up I will do a nursery tour.

Braxton Hicks contractions are realer than ever now ! He is also head down and head butting the CRAP out of my crotch. Such a weird interesting feeling. Sleep is nonexistent but I’m looking at it like this must be training for when the baby keeps me up at night. I take every single movement, pain, and kick as a step closer to meeting my baby.

I have a doula, and she’s AMAZING ! she will be assisting my boyfriend and I during the birth since we won’t have any family (because they all live in a different state) until after the birth. We will be doing a labor and delivery vlog so you might get to see her on there !

At my last midwife appointment I was able to do a mini tour of one room of the birth center. They have three rooms so three mamas can birth at once. All three rooms look the same that’s why I only did a tour of one.

Click the link below to check out the mini tour of the birth center !

I will try and stay updated as we get closer to the due date. And I have a ton more posts that will come after the birth as well. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on my pregnancy journey !

36 week pregnancy update and mini birth center tour