Second hand baby clothes/items

When I first became pregnant I immediately went to YouTube to search every pregnancy blog, every labor & delivery vlog, caring for newborns, and the must-have videos for newborns. BIG MISTAKE. I became so overwhelmed. I saw giant YouTube influencers who had a whole house full of baby gear. Instead I should’ve found videos of people who are like me and you (not that big influencers aren’t people too. They just have access to to promote certain items that company’s may endorse them for, therefore making their opinions on products biased). So then I made this GIANT list of baby items I need before the baby gets here. It was three pages long. I went to amazon started adding items to my cart and it added up to a couple THOUSAND dollars. I almost cried. So I went back to YouTube and searched for videos like, “minimalistic moms” or “baby consignment” or “how to save money on preparing for a baby.” I decided to get smart about this. I then started doing research on ways to save money on caring for babies. Which led me to cloth diapering. That in itself overwhelmed me (again, lol). So I dug deep into baby consignment or getting prepared for newborns with second hand baby items. I soon realized that everything we put on our baby whether it’s clothes or cloth diapers have to be washed anyway. New or used. And truly the baby doesn’t know the difference if something is new or used so why not save some money ? When I walked into the second hand baby store all of the clothes were in LIKE NEW CONDITION. children grow so fast. Sometimes the newborn stage (in terms of clothing) is skipped all together depending on the size of your baby. So I urge you to not spend so much money on newborn stuff and stagger your baby items out. Get a few newborn clothing, A few 3 month, few 6 month, and even 9 months. Those stages creep up fast so spreading it out will ensure that you have something to put your baby in every stage of their first year. I also bought a wipe warmer second hand, breastfeeding pillow, baby books, bottles (which get sterilized whether new or used), pacifiers (which again, get sterilized), baby bubble bath and shampoo that were never opened, breast milk storage bags, and a ton of cloth diapers. I was able to get all these items second hand and UNDER $100. Which you know a new outfit could easily cost $10. When I bought second hand I was able to get outfits for $1.00 !! So really. What is one parents trash, could be my treasure. I appreciate my consignment store so much because they only take in quality products that have been taken care of ! I highly recommend trying to save money preparing for a newborn in any way that you possibly can. Check out the video below showing all the fun stuff I got from my local baby consignment store !

Baby Consignment Store Haul

14 thoughts on “Second hand baby clothes/items”

  1. I bought almost all of my little guy’s clothes off Facebook. People were selling clothing lots so I got everything for crazy cheap. Seeing as he’s already in 18 month clothes (need a little bigger to accommodate the fluff butt) by 8 months, I’m thankful we didn’t buy new.

  2. Garage sale groups, kid clothing/toy resale groups or even just marketplace can have some great finds!
    We have been using cloth since he was about a week old and love it! I have a few posts about cloth diapers. Depending on what style you use, it adds bulk to their backside so you oftentimes have to size up on their clothes.

  3. I 100% agree with this. Plus people will buy you SO MANY CLOTHES you really don’t need them on your list! I found with Honeybee we actually haven’t spent a lot because of family and friends, but what we have spent is due to looking for good deals on used and new. Besides, plenty of kids grow up with hand-me-downs and turn out fine. 🙂 You’re doing great mama!

  4. So true! Most the clothes I have are second hand from friends and family. And they’re in really good condition. I’m set up to 9months and coworker is holding 6 months to 2T for me. There were a few things I got based on recommendations from YouTube, but they were totally affordable.

  5. I think it’s a great idea to buy used or to allow friends and family members to share their old things with you. I have multiple cousins who had babies this year that want to share with me. I found that to be a little overwhelming too, because I wanted to get some new stuff for my little girl, but felt like I had to accept everything that was offered to me. But I definitely don’t think there is anything wrong with buying used baby clothes especially because they grow so dang fast!

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