Pregnancy/antepartum depression

A lot has happened this week. It’s the beginning of a new year there’s so much to be grateful for. However my world seems to be closing in on me. Moses car broke down. We hardly have any baby supplies. Our baby is due April 6th and our lease in our apartment lease is up in May. So there’s just a lot going on. Pregnancy is a beautiful time in life. However if you have ever been pregnant you know your dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions and hormones. Moses and just moved to Washington state April 2018. We sold everything we had to come here to start Moses career. We didn’t even have a bed to sleep on when we got here. So as we were trying to get on our feet, BAM! we’re pregnant. Finding out we were pregnant was seriously the best feeling in the world. I have had a miscarriage before so I was also cautious. However the following weeks were very enjoyable. Well I find myself at Week 26 and I find myself doubting my ability to take care of a newborn. We watch instagramers and youtubers and they have all these baby supplies and I look around my house and I don’t have nearly as much. Which I’ve come to terms with the fact that babies don’t need a crazy amount of supplies however I don’t have a nursery ready, heck we’re moving one month after the baby is born. I just feel like I’m failing at preparing. Is this normal ? I feel like I can barely take care of myself let alone a newborn ? Don’t get me wrong I’m so happy I have a baby inside of me. I feel like superwoman most days. However it’s days like today where being home for 10-12 hours by myself in a city where we don’t know anyone is when I start to doubt myself. Can I stay home all day with a newborn 10-12 hours and not go crazy? I’m sure there is people who do this all the time but for some reason I feel alone. I’m ready to shed these emotions from my body. I want to get back to my happy pregnant superwoman self. You hear a lot about postpartum depression. But no one tells you about depression you can get DURING pregnancy. Have you gone through this ? Or am I the only one ? I know days will get better 💕

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25/26 week pregnancy update/pregnancy depression?