25/26 weeks pregnant

I’m currently 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant ! Holy cow I can’t believe how fast time is flying ! On my YouTube channel I document every week and put up the video on Tuesday. However last Tuesday (at 25 weeks) it was Christmas. So I didn’t do an update, I just wanted to enjoy time with Moses. We live in Washington and all our family lives in California so we stayed up here in Washington (because the lord knows the amount of bathroom breaks I would need LOL) and went to his coworkers house. They were so nice to invite us over and make us feel like family. It was truly beautiful. They cooked for us and didn’t let us help them cook or even do dishes. I was super grateful that they would take us into their home during the holidays. Especially since they have a daughter who was home from college for Christmas break. So thank you co workers ! We appreciate you ! And man let me tell you. Moses coworkers wife can COOK ! man everything she made was delicious. Ok back to pregnancy. Last week I did my glucose testing for gestational diabetes and my test came back that I do not have diabetes. Which is great because my mom had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant. I also came out 10 pounds 8 ounces when I was born! Crazy huh? I also met with the midwives this week and they said everything is going great. I now bump up from seeing them every month to every two weeks which is super exciting ! I’m hoping to have a birth center labor & delivery (I will do a separate post about that). But I’m open minded. If for some reason I have to go to the hospital it’s less than a mile from the birth center. Every appointment is get to hear the baby’s heartbeat which any mom knows is the most beautiful sound in the world. I will say I think I’m getting a little depression (which will also be a separate post). Other than that everything looks nice and healthy and I have a lot to be grateful for 💕