Hey! Thanks for making your way to my blog. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Ashley. I’m currently pregnant with mine and my partner, Moses, first SON ! we couldn’t be more stoked!! We have been together for 6 years and have been through some of the craziest ups and downs. Our relationship itself has been pretty solid, however, very early in our relationship Moses decided to go to college. I naturally joined him on his journey. He graduated and moved onto a 2 year internship that brought him to Southern California. At first we loved SoCal. But we slowly became detached. It’s beautiful there, however we didn’t fit in. We wanted a more isolated environment. Something off the beaten path. After the internship he took a job in Beaverton, Oregon that eventually fell through. I mention that because when one door close. Another opens. That door closing opened a door for us in Kirkland, Washington. We LOVE it here! Between the endless evergreen trees to the crisp fresh air I can’t tell what brings me more joy. After a few short months of being here we found out WE’RE PREGNANT! I couldn’t be more happy, scared, nervous, and excited all at once !! We had a miscarriage before in 2014, so becoming pregnant again was a ball of emotions. I attended every doctor appointment with nervousness. At Week 12 my nerves began to calm as the miscarriage rate dropped drastically during that week. At Week 14 we found out the sex of the baby. A precious BOY ! at Week 20 my nervousness turned to excitement as we were half way through the pregnancy. Check out the next blog post to hear about all the wonderful changes that come around week 20!