Anterior placenta

What kind of placenta do you have ? Kind of a weird question huh? Well most people don’t even think about what kind of placenta they until they find out it’s an anterior placenta ! I found out at 14 weeks when Moses took me to a fun place called Bows-R-Bow ties in Tukwila, Washington. It’s a super fun place where you and your partner can go to find out the sex of your baby. They also do fun 3-d and 4-d ultrasounds. We chose to take a recording of the babies heartbeat and put it in a cute stuffed animal. The ultrasound tech mentioned the anterior placenta so I went home and did a little research. If you have been told you have an anterior placenta DONT WORRY ! I thought it meant something was wrong with me. But all it means is the location that your placenta chose to attach to the uterine wall was at the front of the uterus rather than the back. It kind of acts as a little cushion when the baby is kicking, therefore, you won’t feel kicks until a few weeks later than someone who has a posterior placenta (placenta that attaches at the back of the uterine wall). I started feeling kicks around 22 weeks. And OMG! was it the best feeling in the world ! I’m currently 26 weeks and still don’t feel kicks directly in the front of my belly but more on the sides of my belly is where he tends to kick. Every pregnancy is different so when you feel kicks may differ from when I started to feel kicks. Don’t worry! Whenever your baby decides to kick the feeling you get will over joy you ! So try not to get lost in the moment of waiting for him/her to kick. Because when he/she does, they don’t stop !! No matter what kind of placenta you have, or when you feel kicks for the first time, just try to enjoy every moment. Every part of pregnancy is special. And it only comes a few times in life.

Click the link below to check out a video on our Bows-R-Bow ties gender reveal video

Bows-R-Bow ties gender reveal