20 weeks pregnant

Hey everyone. I’m excited to announce that I’m HALFWAY through pregnancy ! 20 weeks is such a special spot because you have you anatomy scan which confirms the sex of the baby. Although we found out around week 14 we still were anxious to hear the ultrasound tech confirm the gender. And she did confirm we are having a BOY ! We couldn’t be more excited. Because I know as a girl I definitely gave my parents a run for their money! (Lol) so I was excited to see what raising a boy would be like. His anatomy scan turned out great. Nothing for the OBGYN to be concerned about. At 20 weeks we for some reason we’re able to relax a bit and forget about the miscarriage we had in 2014. We started taking about what it would be like raising a newborn. Some of the obstacles he may face as an interracial child. Are we capable of providing for a whole human being ? What it will be like to be a family. We started thinking about a nursery. Baby names. All the fun stuff that comes along with all things baby related. I have an anterior placenta (check out the next blog post to talk more about that) therefore, I didn’t feel kicks to later on. But boy when I did ! The joy that comes with that is unexplainable.

Click this link to check out my 20 week update on my YouTube channel!

20 week pregnancy update