28 week pregnancy update !

Here we are. 28 weeks pregnant. 12 more to go. Time really seems to be flying by so fast. But hey! I’m NOT complaining. I’m definitely ready to have this baby. However I’m almost positive the second I go into labor I won’t be ready for the hours ahead of me. Women are so strong to be able to carry a baby for 9 months then spend hours pushing your little babe out.

Some symptoms I’ve had this week are my pelvis feels weird and loose and I can barely get up in the middle of the night due to back pain (yet I have to pee so I push through it). I was so blessed to not have morning sickness but I think it’s hit me FULL FORCE! I feel like I can hardly eat. And when I do I feel nauseous. I had a delicious burger the other night, oh it was so good. And I threw it all up! I was so disappointed.

I feel like I’m forgetting some other stuff that happened this week so check out my video below that highlights everything that happened in week 28!

28 week pregnancy update