28 week pregnancy update !

Here we are. 28 weeks pregnant. 12 more to go. Time really seems to be flying by so fast. But hey! I’m NOT complaining. I’m definitely ready to have this baby. However I’m almost positive the second I go into labor I won’t be ready for the hours ahead of me. Women are so strong to be able to carry a baby for 9 months then spend hours pushing your little babe out.

Some symptoms I’ve had this week are my pelvis feels weird and loose and I can barely get up in the middle of the night due to back pain (yet I have to pee so I push through it). I was so blessed to not have morning sickness but I think it’s hit me FULL FORCE! I feel like I can hardly eat. And when I do I feel nauseous. I had a delicious burger the other night, oh it was so good. And I threw it all up! I was so disappointed.

I feel like I’m forgetting some other stuff that happened this week so check out my video below that highlights everything that happened in week 28!

28 week pregnancy update

27 weeks pregnancy update / 3rd trimester

Omg ! I’m way to excited right now. I made it to the third trimester. Back in 2014 I had a miscarriage so to make this far is beyond excitement. Some new things happening this week are my pelvic area feels like JELLO ! has this ever happened to you? I feel like my legs are going to fall out of socket. The baby is moving like crazy now-a-days. I have to walk much slower because I waddle everywhere 😂😂 all in all everything is going great.

Here is a cool picture that helps me keep track of where I am in my pregnancy

To check out my 27 week update click the link below !

27 week update | third trimester video

80% off amazon!

I’m so excited to announce my partnership with Amazon ! Each week on my YouTube channel I will drop a new promo code. This week it’s 80% off a Teekland baby gate ! Yes your read that right 80% OFF !!! I normally upload on tuesdays so keep an eye out for these videos ! I have lots of good stuff coming up ! Matter of fact click the notification bell on my YouTube channel so you don’t miss these weekly promo codes ! This particular code expires January 7th, 2019. Most of the time the promotional codes will be related to baby stuff and household items I think you will benefit from. Check out the video below so you can see for yourself how the code works !

80% Off Amazon Teekland Baby Gate

Second hand baby clothes/items

When I first became pregnant I immediately went to YouTube to search every pregnancy blog, every labor & delivery vlog, caring for newborns, and the must-have videos for newborns. BIG MISTAKE. I became so overwhelmed. I saw giant YouTube influencers who had a whole house full of baby gear. Instead I should’ve found videos of people who are like me and you (not that big influencers aren’t people too. They just have access to to promote certain items that company’s may endorse them for, therefore making their opinions on products biased). So then I made this GIANT list of baby items I need before the baby gets here. It was three pages long. I went to amazon started adding items to my cart and it added up to a couple THOUSAND dollars. I almost cried. So I went back to YouTube and searched for videos like, “minimalistic moms” or “baby consignment” or “how to save money on preparing for a baby.” I decided to get smart about this. I then started doing research on ways to save money on caring for babies. Which led me to cloth diapering. That in itself overwhelmed me (again, lol). So I dug deep into baby consignment or getting prepared for newborns with second hand baby items. I soon realized that everything we put on our baby whether it’s clothes or cloth diapers have to be washed anyway. New or used. And truly the baby doesn’t know the difference if something is new or used so why not save some money ? When I walked into the second hand baby store all of the clothes were in LIKE NEW CONDITION. children grow so fast. Sometimes the newborn stage (in terms of clothing) is skipped all together depending on the size of your baby. So I urge you to not spend so much money on newborn stuff and stagger your baby items out. Get a few newborn clothing, A few 3 month, few 6 month, and even 9 months. Those stages creep up fast so spreading it out will ensure that you have something to put your baby in every stage of their first year. I also bought a wipe warmer second hand, breastfeeding pillow, baby books, bottles (which get sterilized whether new or used), pacifiers (which again, get sterilized), baby bubble bath and shampoo that were never opened, breast milk storage bags, and a ton of cloth diapers. I was able to get all these items second hand and UNDER $100. Which you know a new outfit could easily cost $10. When I bought second hand I was able to get outfits for $1.00 !! So really. What is one parents trash, could be my treasure. I appreciate my consignment store so much because they only take in quality products that have been taken care of ! I highly recommend trying to save money preparing for a newborn in any way that you possibly can. Check out the video below showing all the fun stuff I got from my local baby consignment store !

Baby Consignment Store Haul

Pregnancy/antepartum depression

A lot has happened this week. It’s the beginning of a new year there’s so much to be grateful for. However my world seems to be closing in on me. Moses car broke down. We hardly have any baby supplies. Our baby is due April 6th and our lease in our apartment lease is up in May. So there’s just a lot going on. Pregnancy is a beautiful time in life. However if you have ever been pregnant you know your dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions and hormones. Moses and just moved to Washington state April 2018. We sold everything we had to come here to start Moses career. We didn’t even have a bed to sleep on when we got here. So as we were trying to get on our feet, BAM! we’re pregnant. Finding out we were pregnant was seriously the best feeling in the world. I have had a miscarriage before so I was also cautious. However the following weeks were very enjoyable. Well I find myself at Week 26 and I find myself doubting my ability to take care of a newborn. We watch instagramers and youtubers and they have all these baby supplies and I look around my house and I don’t have nearly as much. Which I’ve come to terms with the fact that babies don’t need a crazy amount of supplies however I don’t have a nursery ready, heck we’re moving one month after the baby is born. I just feel like I’m failing at preparing. Is this normal ? I feel like I can barely take care of myself let alone a newborn ? Don’t get me wrong I’m so happy I have a baby inside of me. I feel like superwoman most days. However it’s days like today where being home for 10-12 hours by myself in a city where we don’t know anyone is when I start to doubt myself. Can I stay home all day with a newborn 10-12 hours and not go crazy? I’m sure there is people who do this all the time but for some reason I feel alone. I’m ready to shed these emotions from my body. I want to get back to my happy pregnant superwoman self. You hear a lot about postpartum depression. But no one tells you about depression you can get DURING pregnancy. Have you gone through this ? Or am I the only one ? I know days will get better 💕

Click the link to watch my 25/26 week pregnancy update/pregnancy depression YouTube video

25/26 week pregnancy update/pregnancy depression?

25/26 weeks pregnant

I’m currently 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant ! Holy cow I can’t believe how fast time is flying ! On my YouTube channel I document every week and put up the video on Tuesday. However last Tuesday (at 25 weeks) it was Christmas. So I didn’t do an update, I just wanted to enjoy time with Moses. We live in Washington and all our family lives in California so we stayed up here in Washington (because the lord knows the amount of bathroom breaks I would need LOL) and went to his coworkers house. They were so nice to invite us over and make us feel like family. It was truly beautiful. They cooked for us and didn’t let us help them cook or even do dishes. I was super grateful that they would take us into their home during the holidays. Especially since they have a daughter who was home from college for Christmas break. So thank you co workers ! We appreciate you ! And man let me tell you. Moses coworkers wife can COOK ! man everything she made was delicious. Ok back to pregnancy. Last week I did my glucose testing for gestational diabetes and my test came back that I do not have diabetes. Which is great because my mom had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant. I also came out 10 pounds 8 ounces when I was born! Crazy huh? I also met with the midwives this week and they said everything is going great. I now bump up from seeing them every month to every two weeks which is super exciting ! I’m hoping to have a birth center labor & delivery (I will do a separate post about that). But I’m open minded. If for some reason I have to go to the hospital it’s less than a mile from the birth center. Every appointment is get to hear the baby’s heartbeat which any mom knows is the most beautiful sound in the world. I will say I think I’m getting a little depression (which will also be a separate post). Other than that everything looks nice and healthy and I have a lot to be grateful for 💕

Cloth diapering

How cute are these ? These are newborn cloth diapers ! Moses and I decided we wanted to cloth diaper (at least try LOL). I truly don’t want to fill Mother Earth with more poopy disposable diapers. Now I know cloth diapering isn’t for everyone. However I’m super excited to do it. These diapers are second hand from a baby consignment store. I know what your thinking!! GROSS!! honestly. We wash everything before we put it on our baby right ? So these will be washed before they touch my baby’s skin. Once he’s out of the newborn stage I want to switch to diaper covers and prefold inserts. We not only are cloth diapering to prevent more trash in the world. But financial reasons as well. By the time your child is potty trained you can spend up to $3000 on disposable diapers and disposable wipes. With cloth diapering you can start for as little as $200. The difference is…. the cloth diapering system is an initial investment upfront, and disposables you buy over time. However look at how much your saving !!! And with diaper covers you can use up to 4 diaper changes if it doesn’t get soiled, just changing the prefold insert. Where as in all-in-one cloth diaper you have to change every single time which could end up costing you a little more in cloth diapers. But hey ! Who knows what will work for us. I may love all-in-one diapers. I’m just looking to start with covers and see if I like those first. However as a disclaimer the newborn diapers shown above are all-in-one diapers. I bought these before actually doing research (LOL BIG MISTAKE DONT DO THAT !! especially if your cloth diapering for financial reasons). We are still going to try them and see how they work. All in all, we are super stoked. I can’t wait to update you on how cloth diapering works for our family once our baby comes into the world! Click the link below to see the consignment store haul where I got the newborn diapers and a bunch of other cool baby stuff.

Baby Consignment Store Haul and Newborn Cloth Diapers

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